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Connect, develop, and make the talent shine

A solution that helps with athletic talent management and expands the pool of potential talent while reducing administrative burden.

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Profiles are maintained by the athletes and are instantly accessible online throughout the network.The gains in information and time allow for better monitoring and coaching of talent.
A platform that allows you to connect and stay connected to all your sub-organizations, regardless of the number of tiers.
Communicate easily to your internal members as well as to the external community via specific news feed. Stay in touch with athletes via instant messaging.
A flexible tool that allows you to manage frequent group movements, as well as evaluate, identify and monitor athlete development.
Multiple online evaluation options are available for athletes. They can also complete their own auto-evaluation based on five dimensions of athletic agility, part of their Piicco™  profile. Coaches can then access scores to help with feedback.

A solution for retention and evolution

The platform provides access to live athletic profiles and helps reduce red tape limitations, facilitates communication and information sharing, and allows for better planning and recruitment activities.
The potential calculated by Piicco™  evaluations helps identify reserve sports players, making it easier to cue in on high potential athletes at an early age and ensure constant tracking of their development.
Online athlete evaluations and progress tracking made-easy to make sure you can get more time on the field. Empower and involve athletes in their own futures. Make continuous interactions possible.
Over time, identify key performance factors to better predict future success and guide athletic development.
Track your organization’s health by surveying members after each season. Better understand satisfaction levels, intentions to continue, and reasons for departures with feedback. Gain insights on engagement, retention and new opportunities to better manage and improve.
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Research and analysis tool

Search for and locate specific athletic profiles, access a larger pool of talent, and better plan recruitment-focused travel activities.
With a rich pool of athletic profiles, build a standardized profile to compare and better understand variation and progress.
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Talent incubator

To ensure the evolution and continued success of all your members, increase competitive levels, and increase the number of athletes who can aspire to make a career out of their passion.

The Piicco difference

Increase the practice of the sport

Create a dynamic and interactive ecosystem in which athletes feel more empowered, engaged and recognized.

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