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Stand out and live your passion to the fullest

An athletic resume to increase your exposure

Keep your profile up to date with your experiences and accomplishments to make it interesting. It becomes an athletic resume that you can share to find opportunities. 


Your profile belongs to you and tracks your progress. All your evaluations and progress are instantly accessible.

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Your athletic Piicco™ profile based on 5 agility dimensions

Technical / Tactical





Your profile is available once you and your coaches have completed the evaluation on 5 dimensions of agility: technical-tactical, physical, mental, social and emotional. Your strengths, development and goals are identified. You can track your progress and interact with your coaches on an ongoing basis to develop and achieve your goals.

The 5 agility dimensions

A social network just for soccer

Get visibility as an athlete and share in the social network dedicated to the soccer community. You can create your network, follow activities and share. Communicate instantly through messaging.


On the same app you can connect to your team and have access to the locker room to see all the activities.

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An app created for athletes

A network to make your athletic profile visible and online evaluations to develop and track your progress.

On the same app you can log in to your team and have access to the locker room to see all activities and communicate.


With a single account you can have access to all your teams.

Your evaluations highlight your athletic profile on the 5 agility dimensions and help you identify and build on your strengths and development areas
All team activities in one place: calendar, roster and game plan
Communicate instantly with your contacts or privately with your team.
Access to training programs, tactical plans, video links, and more.The coach can share the training program, tactical plan or video links in the team locker room.

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Our network access is free for athletes.
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