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Simplified management with prioritized athletic development and progression 

A unique solution to organize and communicate in the team locker room. Instant access to athlete profiles and their online evaluation and progress

A team calendar to keep all activities in one place and confirm participation. A resource section to share documents, photos and links. A tool to create your lineup for games.
Instant and online access to detailed athletic profiles, including evaluations and progress over time.Scores on 5 dimensions of agility as well as a potential score.
Easily communicate with team members thanks to the private news feed and acrss the network with the public news feed.
Exchange quickly and instantly with the team or specific athletes.

Evaluate your athletes on line on 5 agility dimensions:

Technical / Tactical





The Piicco evaluation includes the athlete’s self-evaluation. It results in a detailed Piicco profile to better guide development efforts. The profiles of the entire team are combined to obtain the Team Piicco Profile.

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Centralized information in one place to better develop and advance athletes.

Athletes keep their profile up to date and the information is instantly accessible. Evaluations are done online and progress is tracked. Communication is continuous.

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To better manage team and athletic talent with a solution that provides instant online access to athletes, the locker room and their progress.

Connect, communicate and organize on a single platform. Organize activities and calendars, interact within private spaces and communicate easily.
Facilitate more comprehensive evaluations on 5 agility dimensions and better guide development and coaching. Ensure progression and follow-up.
Provide more comprehensive feedback and online access to athletes’ profiles. Stay connected and interact with athletes on an ongoing basis to help them grow.
Identify factors where your team can improve, based on the five dimensions of athletic agility, to ensure cohesion and achieve high performance.

A network that makes connections within the soccer community possible and helps showcase your team’s accomplishments.

Create a compelling public team profile to gain exposure and community following, and to attract talent. Share news and events within the public network to generate interest and interaction.

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