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The first innovative universal athletic talent management solution that offers efficiency and networking features.

The Piicco evaluation: accessible for all athletes part of a team or group.

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The five dimensions of athletic agility

The Piicco model is based on five dimensions of agility and was developed through a combination of applied real-world experience and research over the course of several years.

This dimension refers to the ability to learn, execute and master advanced soccer-specific movements, decisions, and strategies in order to achieve higher game mastery and perform at the highest level of competition. It is fundamental to high performance.


It involves ball control and basic technical skills, as well as tactical skills such as position, cover, decision-making, game vision and execution, all while adapting to moments of high pressure and levels of opposition. It considers levers such as observation skills and practice.

This dimension refers to the fitness necessary to play soccer and level of physical skills needed to meet the demands of different positions. This includes the continuous ability to demonstrate strength, endurance, and speed over long periods of play, as well as the ability to control acceleration, movements, changes in direction, all while avoiding injury to perform.


It considers elements such as fitness level, strength, endurance, speed and acceleration, as well as levers such as hygiene factors, including nutrition, sleep, and recuperation.

This dimension refers to the capacity to understand, act, and react in response to changes, challenges, and increasing levels of pressure and competition. It represents the ability to stay focused, adapt quickly to changing circumstances, and persistence despite obstacles. It impacts performance levels and contributes to the achievement of ambitious objectives and higher levels of competition. 


It considers elements such as mental grit, discipline, adaptability, competitiveness, and focus, as well as levers such as the ability to set focused objectives and make sacrifices, preparation, and integrity.

This dimension refers to the ability to establish trusting interpersonal relationships, function well as a team player, and to positively influence team dynamics in order to achieve higher levels of cohesion for individual and collective performance.


It considers elements such as team spirit, communication, leadership, team trust and attitude, as well as levers such as listening, respect, support and team representation.

This dimension refers to self-awareness and the ability to manage one’s emotions in a positive way in order to reduce stress in times of high pressure, towards oneself and team members, and to overcome difficulties in order to perform well. It also includes the ability to self-manage reactions, show empathy, and defuse conflicts. 


It considers resilience, self-awareness, self-confidence, and the ability to keep your composure, as well as levers such as self-motivation and passion for the game.

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The first dedicated soccer network

Piicco is the first social network dedicated to the soccer community that offers a unique connection platform facilitating communications, the sharing of information and accessing new opportunities. Athletes and coaches can create their free profiles, which act as an athletic resume. They can build their own personal networks and follow the activities of sports organizations.


With an annual subscription, organizations can create a public profile and can easily share news and events across the entire network.

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A unique application to manage athletic talent and connect the entire sports community

A solution for better organization and efficiency that simplifies communication and evaluations and makes data easy to access, track and analyze.


Instant access to all athletic profiles and progress. Easy to share profiles and information to improve decision making.

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