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About us


Piicco for visibility, communication, team organization, evaluation and tracking of athletic talent.

Helping athletes, coaches and sport organizations connect and evolve

A shared network and online tool to connect all tiers within the soccer ecosystem. Networking, communications, evaluations and monitoring to showcase talent and help soccer athletes reach new heights.

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Our Mission

Piicco is a product of Piicco Talents Inc., which specializes in talent management and professional coaching.


We believe that every person, every team and every organization has exponential agility to develop. We want to help them excel, collaborate better and succeed.

Our mission is to ensure that all talents, athletes and the global sport community alike are equipped with the right technology needed to grow, access more opportunities and thrive.

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Our story

Our founder, Dany, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. She was a competitive basketball athlete in her youth, selected to join the Quebec team in 1982. She has played the sport until recently and remains an active jogger.


Piicco  was inspired by the contrast between two worlds. The corporate world, in which Dany spent over 25 years in, and the amateur sports world, in which her son Noah has been playing elite soccer for the past 15 years.


In the corporate world, Dany had access to technology, tools and state-of-the-art services. She was able to put in place systems and processes to better coach business leaders, and to better prepare and shape the next generation. While there is no perfect tool, the right technology has helped improve visibility, tracking and access to talent, completely transforming the way companies ensure the continued management of their talent.


In the world of amateur soccer, her son did not have access to the latest tools, despite his elite status. During his years part of a sports study program, he would receive a paper report card that would come back crumpled in his backpack, only to end up lost in the bottom of a drawer, never to be looked at again. There was very little consistency in communications over time, and little to none between the sports study association and his sports club. The lack of feedback resulted in frequent and lengthy waiting times on the sidelines in hopes of speaking directly with coaches. The reality is that there is little visibility of opportunities, and the current systems rely on dedicated and passionate people who are doing their best to coach athletes and track their progress to ensure their bright future, but who don’t have access to adequate tools.


Piicco was created with both athletes and the athletic community in mind. The idea for Piicco first came in 2014 and has come to fruition in the last year.

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Piicco is the local winner of the first OSEntreprendre prize for technological and technical innovation 2021 for the East End of Montreal division.

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